CEEKL2009 Ivan Petruzela

Cyclo Electro Energy Conference Louňovice 2009
On Saturday June 6th 2009, Czechoslovak section of IEEE Power and Energy charter, together with the Louňovice municipality, held the fourth year of an expert event, which combines professional and sporting elements. CEEKL. Through the form of expert lectures on energy, the participants are familiarized with the current energy problems.

The conference was opened by the start of the cycling event at 9.00 am at the bell tower square. For the first time, the long-distance trip led to the north. The peloton was formed by eleven cyclists, partly energy experts, some Louňovice residents and one student. The route, prepared by Louňovice Mayor Pavel Čadil, led us along Šembera to the Elbe. Visit to the moto-velo museum in Prerov nad Labem was considered to be the imaginary peak of the trip. On the way back, natural monument Klepec was the real peak. Overall, we covered 80 km, and we returned back to Louňovice just before 3.00 pm.

The energy conference itself started at 4.00 pm in a pleasant garden environment. There were 32 participants, including four members of the IEEE. The theme of this year’s CEEKL was the global financial crisis and its impact on our energetics. The program was as follows:

  • Jan Filipovský: The Oldest Mine Work North Of The Alps
  • Zdenek Pistora: Some Issues Related To The Use Of Solar Energy
  • Ivan Petruzela: What Awaits Us After The Oil Peak
  • Karel Máslo: Effect Of Wind Power On The Energy Networks Development
  • Roman Cizek: The Influence Of Global Economic And Financial Crisis On Energy

The discussion was brisk, supported by fellow Louňovice residents who came in unusually large numbers. Just for them, two lectures were devoted to energy awareness issues. The level of the conference was highlighted by the presence of the IEEE Czechoslovak Section Vice-President, Mr. Jan Šístek. Even after the conference ended, there was a long discussion about given problems, including the possibility of issuing a collection of lectures.