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Czechoslovak chapter IEEE Power systems and Energy organize together with ČEPS  following Distinguished Lectures.


The principles of Energy Policy

Can we reliably and securely meet our growing energy needs?


Dr. Veronika A. Rabl,

Vice Chair of the IEEE-US Energy Policy Committee


Place: ČEPS building  (Elektrárenská 774/2, 101 52 Praha 10)

Date: October 24. 2012

Time: 1 PM.


Veronika Rabl will discuss IEEE-USA energy policy recommendations and issues faced by the US electricity industry. Electricity continues to be the engine of progress in the U.S. and around the world. However, it is now under substantial pressure to respond to environmental concerns, deal with uncertainties in both local and global energy supplies, and accommodate the rapid evolution of new generation sources and technology options available to its users. The major challenge is to develop solutions which take into account limited energy supplies as well as availability of financial resources. To ensure that we can reliably and securely meet our growing energy needs, we must:

•              use energy and economic resources more efficiently

•              adopt measures for safe integration of renewable energy sources into the electric grid;

•              expand energy sources for our transportation systems;

•              transition our energy systems and our economy to one that can better manage our environment and

•              build flexibility and adaptability into all elements of our energy infrastructure.


Ivan Petruzela