What are the procedures?

-Review the lecturer List and select a topic.
-Contact the lecturer to discuss your proposed program and estimate of the travel expenses and local expenses:
-Work with CR/RR for international trip
-Student branch needs to work with local chapter
-Submit the DLP request form to pes.chapters.dlp@ieee.org, copy to the lecturer and CR/RR.
-Receive approval of request from the DLP Chair.
-Prepare the event, working with lecturer and local volunteers:
Promote IEEE PES
Invite students
-After the event
Local Chapter will submit a follow-up report, consisting of evaluation of the lecturer/presentation, comments and suggestions to pes.chapters.dlp@ieee.org.
Lecturer will submit a complete IEEE expense form for the travel to pes.chapters.dlp@ieee.org.
-Local expense reimbursement will based on prior arrangement between Chapter and the lecturer.