PES Czechoslovakia Chapter

The intention to create an expert group of PES (Power and Energy Society) within the Czechoslovak section of IEEE was already discussed at the last meeting of the IEEE Czechoslovak section. In January this year, the initiative of members and graduates of the Electroenergetics Department CTU in Prague was given concrete shape, and with the help of CS Section Vice President Ing. Šístek, the necessary administrative steps were initiated.

Organizational link to IEEE was ensured by Ing. Ivan Petruzela. The petition process was secured by Ing. Zdeněk Müller at the Electroenergetics Department FEL CTU. In February and March, signatures of 18 members confirmed the interest to create CS Section of IEEE PES (14 signatures on the petition sheet and 4 electronic consents). Petition sheet was sent to the registration in April and in May we were informed that Czechoslovakia Section IEEE Power & Energy Society Chapter has been approved on April 15th, 2009.


Goals of IEEE Czechoslovak PES section are:

  • develop professional discussion regarding energetics in our country
  • allow students and graduates to access IEEE resources

Until the very first elections, the expert section was lead by a three-member committee consisting of: Ivan Petružela (chairman), Emil Dvorský a Zdeněk Müller.